Neighbors Appalled: 3 Boys Aged 5 to 9 Torture Cat

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Neighbors don’t want their own children around three boys who committed what a witness calls a hate crime, but which is more likely a spree killing done for fun. The news report on the incident alludes to abuse of cats as the canary in the coal mine in identifying children who grow up to be sociopaths.

The attack on a friendly neighborhood stray cat occurred Tuesday at the Spruce Terrace Apartments in Mount Angel OR, south of  Portland. A neighbor describes the incident in some detail in the news report below. The two neighbors who agreed to speak on camera are well spoken, which suggests that this is not the worst of neighborhoods, yet young boys acted with unfeeling savagery against an extremely vulnerable victim.

Mount Angel police are waiting for a necropsy to confirm that the deceased cat found at the apartments is the same cat neighbors saw the boys battering.  After confirmation,  police will send the case to the Marion County Juvenile Department and Department of Human Services.

RIP, Charlie, who did not deserve what he got. Neighbors say some local cats have gone missing in recent months, and now they wonder what might have happened to them.

As an aside, this is just the latest of a string of terrible incidents with cats in Oregon this year.


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  1. Man. So sad. And, for these kids to be so young. I’m not surprised. It is possible because they are so young that some intervention will be somewhat successful, but it would need to be intense. They need to figure out what’s going on in these kids’ lives to lead to this, although there are times when nothing quite seems to fit.

    And, notice, we freak out knowing that animals are being tortured and wonder what is next for these boys. And, big boy Michael Vick can’t understand why the “media” are still making a fuss over what he did as a grown man.

  2. What is wrong with those kids? If they are capable of that at such a young age, what else will they do as they get older? Shame on them, shame on their parents for raising them as they are, and I pray to God to save your weak and diseased souls.

    Rest in peace, Charlie… and all the others we’ll never know of.

  3. I’m a cat lover, but I would rather see all those strays rounded up and humanely euthanized than subjected to these little sh*ts!!!!

  4. Horrible, horrible kids. On a related subject, I noticed that some of those cats are not neutered. I hope someone takes some initiative to TNR those kitties.

  5. The words to express how they feel so they act it out. You may have noticed some men have never grown past this stage. Also studies have shown that children and teenagers undeveloped brains lack the ability to comprehend long term consequences of their actions. Youth often seem to live as though immortal because they live in the moment.

  6. This is just discusting.where were the parents of these little brats?i suppose they didnt know anything right?this needs to be stopped now before more cats have to suffer because of these brats.

  7. The home lives of these children need to be checked into. This is how abusers/murderers start. I was as a child raised in an abusive home and am now a DV task force member in my county. I’ve seen this before. Shocking but also a call for help. Hope these kids can be rehabilitated before it is too late.

  8. We are hearing more and more about atrocities like this. This kind of mentality and behavior is not easily hidden. Where the hell were the parents? On second thought, the parents are not very good parents to start with if they are not noticing the sociopathic tendencies of their children (or maybe they do know, and either don’t care or act this way themselves). Picking on poor defenseless animals is a SERIOUS mental issue. First Dexter and his brother, now this…it just makes me sick…

  9. People. I live RIGHT next where the incident happened. Im only 11 yrs. old. Idc, I LOVE cats. I know 2 kids who MIGHT have done it. One kid is 10 who was 9 when this happened and hates cats and his name is BRANDON SALAZAR. The other is Eduardos lil bro. The third one IDK. Plz believe me.

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