Narrow Escape

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A Pennsylvania Kitty is rescued from 8 feet of pipe.

You may remember a story we posted on a Boulder Colorado cat named “Squeeze” who managed to get his head caught in a pipe while chasing a rabbit. Well this week it seems another stray kitty found himself in a similar pickle, this time in North Middleton Township, PA. Police, fire fighters and township crew members were called to the scene of a cat with his head stuck in an 8 foot pipe. Coincidentally, this kitty is also a black and white male.

Emergency personnel attempted to lubricate the cat’s head to remove it and a township employee used a saw to cut away a piece of the pipe. The decision was made to bring the cat AND pipe to local Carlisle Small Animal Clinic where two doctors and some technicians evaluated the situation. The cat was panicky, stressed and fighting attempts to free him so they sedated him. Again they tried to lubricate his head and again, they were not successful. The Township crew member who originally cut the pipe was called to the clinic and instructed to bring his saw. You can see footage of the teamwork involved in freeing this very lucky kitty in this video.

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