Mystery Cats Become Known When One is Treed and Rescued: Owner is Sought

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In a story full of dramatic twists, a Spokane woman trying to help a treed cat got help when an arborist rode in like the calvary. Then a nearly identical cat turned up at the scene and the woman is looking for the pair’s owner. We hope they are being missed by someone.

Karen Fishburn and Kyle Robinson hold the cats

A video report from a Spokesman-Review reporter touches on some of the details in Karen Fishburn’s story that began when she and her neighbors heard a meowing cat stuck 80 feet up a pine tree last Saturday, July 21. The local fire station crew showed no interest in the cat until Karen emailed the Mayor of Spokane, WA on Monday. Shortly after the email we sent, a fire crew brought a ladder to the scene. The ladder was too short to be effective, so the firefighters called a tree pruner and left.

Afraid for the cat’s safety as the wind picked up, Karen turned to Facebook, appealing to local veterinarians for advice. Lincoln Heights Veterinary Clinic was able to help; referring Karen to arborist Paul Heindle, who participates in, the nationwide directory of tree professionals willing to perform cat rescues. has factored in a few stories we’ve posted on, and is a site well worth bookmarking for future reference.

Paul Heindle spent about an hour getting the cat safely down, and accepted a $100 fee. Depending on the arborist and the circumstances of the rescue, there may or may not be a fee when one of the tree men listed at the rescue site comes to help.

Meanwhile, as the rescue was taking place, a nearly identical black cat came upon the scene, acting like it was concerned for the welfare of the cat in the tree.  Karen believes the pair, who are wearing matching collars, are littermates. She is looking for the cats’ owner, who we hope is trying to find them.  Karen is quoted saying, “We don’t know if the cats were dropped off in the neighborhood. No one here recognizes them.” She has provided her contact info. We won’t print it here; it is given at the end of the video report.

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