Mr Waffles: Highly Trained in the Art of Cuteness

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Mr. Waffles is in the holiday spirit


Mr. Waffles is a handsome Scottish fold cat from Baltimore, MD, who is as photogenic as he is cute. His most recent adventures have him looking adorably festive and getting busted for messing with the holiday decorations.

Mr. Waffles’ guardian and public relations representative, DNAist, answered a question  at Reddit about how the kitty got his name saying “Right after we got him we were driving down the highway and passed a restaurant named Mister Waffles (think Waffle House). Immediately, we realized it was the perfect name for him. It was just goofy enough for such a cute/goofy little guy.”

You can find Mr. Waffles on Facebook at his  new page, where his tag line is “I’m Mr. Waffles, highly-trained in the art of cuteness”.

Waffles was arrested for his favorite crime.



“If you leave a basket of towels in this house, I will shed every possible bit of fur I have to spare in it. With love.”



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