Montreal Woman Finds Her Missing Cat in an Ottawa Pet Shop

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Marie-Claude Cuerrier was stunned to see her long missing cat Suki looking back at her from inside a glass case at an Ottawa area PetSmart last week.

Marie happened to be in Ottawa last week for a professional training session, and stopped at the Innes Road PetSmart by chance on Thursday before returning home. There she found, and reclaimed, her missing cat.

Marie adopted Suki out of a litter of kittens born into street life in Montreal, in 2005. Last year, Marie, her partner Leonard Parr and their pets moved to a second floor loft within the city, and indoor cat Suki inexplicably went missing in July. Marie and Leonard plastered the area with missing posters and searched for months for the missing cat, to no avail.

Fast forward to last week’s surprise encounter in the Gloucester pet store, just outside of Ottawa, and much of the story is revealed. When Marie saw “Joy” and recognized her as Suki, a store employee contacted the SPCA of Western Quebec, which had placed the cat for adoption at the store. The SPCA had Suki in Montreal and had transferred her to the Western Quebec branch in Gastineau a month ago.

Marie gladly paid $175 to readopt Suki, saying she’d gladly have paid more. She added that the $175 helps to compensate the SPCA for Suki’s care.

Suki is back at home now, and readjusting to life with her family. Marie said, “Even my dog recognized Suki. The minute Jessy saw her he picked up her favourite toy and walked it to Suki.” On Friday morning Marie woke to find Suki sleeping next to herself and Leonard on the bed, just as she’d always done.

A series of coincidences brought Suki back home, where she has found happiness and comfort again with her loving family.



5 thoughts on “Montreal Woman Finds Her Missing Cat in an Ottawa Pet Shop”

  1. …and if Suki was microchipped would all this have happened or would Suki have been reunited with the owner sooner…without living in a shelter and taking a trip to Ottawa??

  2. Suki will be chipped now. It was a mistake not to have had it done sooner, but we hadn’t given it much thought since she was an indoor cat. Our dog and one of 3 cats are chipped since they came through the SPCA system. Miko and Suki will be next for sure!
    Suki has clearly been outside for months given the condition of her coat–and her elevated garbage-seeking habit! She is very happy to be home, indoors as she was used to, and doing well. We feel very lucky regardless of having had the opportunity to prevent her the entire ordeal.

  3. Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much for posting a comment. Your story is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad to hear that Suki is happily settled in back at home again.

  4. I’m so happy for you both. She probably wondered what the heck happened. Thank God-it was meant for you to get back together. It’s wonderful. Give her a hug from me!

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