Mochi and Marshy Love Water

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Mama Mochi and her kitten Marshmallow share a fascination with running water. Here they enjoy some time at the sink.

The cats’ chronicler and videographer says:
Mochi has always harbored a strange fascination for water. Before taking a sip from a bowl, she would ceremoniously tap the water with her paws as if she were testing its temperature or stirring it to her liking. The soft sound of flowing water from a bottle or faucet was always met with Mochi’s enamored (fully-dilated) eyes and attentive presence.

It appears that kitten Marshmallow has picked up mama Mochi’s penchant for water. Once they were able to jump onto the sink counter, Marshy and Mochi quickly made themselves comfortable; Mochi first curling up to sleep in the sink, after which Marshy came to find her mama. Once we turned on the faucet, it was quite a darling spectacle as they both figured out how to drink comfortably to their hearts’ content.

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