Missy the dog helps her mom foster kittens saved from an intentional drowning

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Missy and her kittens

Missy is an RSPCA rescue dog who was hand-reared as a puppy and has now decided to return the favor by caring for a litter of kittens who were saved from being drowned in a drain.

The four shivering week-old kittens were brought in to Hull and East Riding RSPCA in early November by an animal lover who had stopped three youths from dropping them into a drainage ditch to drown them. There were five cold and wet kittens from the litter wrapped in a towel when they arrived at the shelter with their good Samaritan, but one died.

Shelter staff pitch in to help provide round-the-clock care for animals in need, and did so for the rescued litter. When Carina McLean, the Hull and East Riding centre’s animal care assistant, took the four surviving kittens home with her, her mixed-breed dog Missy decided to lend a paw and become their surrogate Mum.

Tulisa, Kelly, Gary and Louis

Carina said of Missy’s mothering, “Staff often take small animals home, because they need constant care throughout the night. When the kittens first arrived they needed feeding every three hours. Missy cleaned them and toileted them until they were five weeks old. She has done it with other animals I’ve taken home too.”

The four kittens, now over six weeks old, named Tulisa, Kelly, Gary and Louis, after TV’s X Factor judges, are doing fine and will be made available for adoption soon.

Missy checking on the kittens

The RSPCA would like to prosecute those who planned to drown the kittens, and are asking for the public’s help.

5 thoughts on “Missy the dog helps her mom foster kittens saved from an intentional drowning”

  1. What a dog! These kittens needed feeding during the night as well as day. The dog helped by giving baths, and even did the necessary to make the kitties go potty. Cute pictures and great story!

  2. I hope that the three who did this are prosecuted to the fullest. What about the poor mama cat? What a sweet dog. I am glad that they are all fine and healthy and very much loved now. I only that they each get great new homes. Maybe two can go together and the other can go together. Have a great life little kitties and a thank you sweet dog and caring people who rescued this little group.

  3. Hi Sharon, I re-read the piece and do not see anywhere where I said it was a good choice by the thugs, nor do I see that any commenters have said so.

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