Missy Needs a Loving Person and Home

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Many thousands of cats need homes on a daily basis, and each is deserving. Missy is one of the special case; an older girl who had been with her petmom since kittenhood, and who is traumatized since witnessing the woman’s murder and moving to a shelter.

Poor Missy is confused to find herself in strange circumstances, torn away from the life she knew with her deceased petmom and another kitty who has already found a new home. The lonely 12 year old girl is being cared for by One of a Kind Pets in Akron, Ohio, where the staff is appealing to the public for someone to come forward to give Missy and safe, secure and loving home in which to live out her golden years.

If you know of an animal lover with room for one more who lives within a reasonable distance from Akron, or who can arrange transport, please spread the word. Missy did not deserve to be traumatized and to lose her petmom and way of life in this way. She needs someone.

You will find the shelter’s contact information HERE.

3 thoughts on “Missy Needs a Loving Person and Home”

  1. The thing that saddens, amongst everything else, is the fact that this baby has also been separated from her furry friend…and visa versa. Surely, after all the trauma both cats must be going through, it would be kinder and make more sense, to have stipulated that both cats be kept together. I just feel that it should have been a double adoption as it seems so cruel to have separated these babies after both of them losing their mum. xxx

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