Missing foster kitten turns up 20 miles away at shelter CEO’s home

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In a very strange twist to the tail, a kitten who went missing from foster care was found 20 miles away at the home of the Humane Society’s CEO.

Sandy Squirrel is a shy young kitten who the Humane Society of Indianapolis, Indiana placed in a foster home to help her gain confidence and feel at ease.  When some children visited the home one night earlier this week, the kitten escaped through the open door and disappeared. The family looked for her, to no avail, then contacted the shelter.

The shelter posted about the missing kitten at the Humane Society of Indianapolis Facebook page on Monday, writing: “Attention, friends! One of our foster cats managed to dart out of her foster home; her name is Sandy Squirrel, and she is a 5 month old domestic shorthair. She is a tortoiseshell with orange markings, and she went missing in the 46237 area. Please keep an eye out, and contact [email protected] if found! Thank you!”

On Tuesday, a commenter at the Facebook thread wrote: “found!! 20miles from her foster home at the CEO of the humane society’s house.”

It’s a mystery how Sandy Squirrel made the 20 miles journey to end up at the CEO’s home, where she was discovered late Tuesday afternoon.

RTV 6 news covered the story and spoke with IndyHumane CEO John Aleshire.

“Company was here yesterday. My cat was acting suspicious. Suddenly we heard a meow. We looked everywhere,” said Aleshire.

Aleshire eventually found the kitten, trapped and shivering, in his home’s duct work, but didn’t realize her connection to his organization.

When Aleshire took the kitten to the shelter, staff recognized her and her microchip further confirmed her identity.

“This little kitten was lost from foster care two days ago in Beech Grove and I live out by Eagle Creek,” Aleshire told Channel 6 news.

“For this kitten to show up at my house, given who I am, I think adds to the incredible irony of the story,” Aleshire said.

Shelter staff say Sandy Squirrel seems to have become more confident in the wake of her strange adventures and she may be available for adoption soon.






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  1. Some sort of human intervention must have gotten this little kitty from point A to point B. That she ended up in the duct work of the home is just as strange.

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