Missing elderly, blind and deaf cat is back home

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Soxie and
Soxie and Colleen Wall


A family is overjoyed to have their beloved elderly, deaf and blind cat back home with them after she’d been missing for 6 weeks.

Collette Wall, of Harold Road, Kintbury, a picturesque village in West Berkshire, UK, said that Soxie went missing late on December 27 and over the following days she, along with her husband, Peter, son Kieran, aged 15, and daughter Aoife, aged 13, went from door to door around the village trying to locate her.

After a few days her family began to fear the worst when Soxie did not return home. The cat finally turned up last Thursday, after being spotted in a distressed condition in the road by a passing van driver, who moved her on to the safety of a nearby driveway and the homeowner contacted Mrs Wall immediately. Soxie was kept overnight at The Veterinary Hospital, Hungerford before she was reunited with her family.

Colleen Wall said: “I burst into tears when I saw her, I couldn’t believe it.”

“I lifted her up and she snuggled straight into me. My daughter was ecstatic, she had really missed her.”

The family and veterinary hospital that helped Soxie on her way home have both refused to accept payment for taking care of the cat, so the Walls made a donation to Newbury Cat’s Protection, their local branch of the cat charity.

The family would like to know where Soxie was during those winter weeks when the vulnerable cat was missing, and whether anyone helped her to stay alive during that time. Soxie’s family wants to thank anyone who may have come to her aid.

“I thought that, given she’d been gone a month and it has been so cold, she would be in a complete state,” Colleen said.

“She’s definitely thinner, but her coat was in good condition, so I think maybe somebody did care for her. She’s had this little adventure and she can’t tell us. She obviously wasn’t far. She could have got locked in someone’s garage. We’re just delighted to have her back.”



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  1. Very happy she is safe and home. I know the Brits do not believe in keeping cats indoors, but if your animal is blind and deaf, perhaps a little common sense should kick in???

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