Missing Cat Wanders Home…No $5,000 Reward Given

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Photo: Jo Jakeman

To what lengths would you go to find your missing cat?  One woman from British Columbia was ready to pay $5,000 in exchange for her companion named Kitty.  On Wednesday, Kitty appeared all on her own.

Barb Cook left her two-year-old female cat, Kitty, at her mother’s house for safe-keeping while she traveled to visit her boyfriend in Texas, and then on to San Diego for a teachers’ conference.

While in Texas, Barb received a call from her mother, indicating the cat had gone missing on July 30th. Kitty, an indoor cat had somehow gotten outside and Barb’s mother couldn’t find her. Frantic, Barb canceled the San Diego portion of her flight and raced home to help find her baby.

She immediately went into emergency mode and spent 12 days hanging hundreds of posters, advertising online and in newspapers, and she even enlisted the help of two tracking dogs, all of which resulted in two dead end calls and a fair amount of media coverage.   But Cook held fast to the $5,000 reward, which was earmarked as the down-payment for her first house. “I’m very desperate. She’s my family,” Cook told GlobalBC.com. “I’m not a crazy cat lady. I just really want her back.”

On Wednesday morning, Cook’s 3-year-old niece, Ciara, spotted Kitty leisurely lounging Cook’s  mother’s backyard; she’d lost a little weight and her fur was dirty and greasy, but she was back.  Ciara’s mother (Cook’s sister) refused to allow Ciara to accept the reward.  Instead Cook is moving forward with her original plan of using the money toward a down-payment for a house — but now she’s also going to offer to pay Ciara’s first year of college tuition when the time arrives.

Kitty is safe at home and all is well…now comes the job of removing all those posters!

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