Missing cat reunited with family 1 year and 4,000 miles later

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Photo via Cat Friends at Facebook

Bogie went missing due to mishandling by airline personnel at the airport in Hawaii when his family moved to Michigan last year. He was found by a colony caretaker and helped by an Ohahu based abandoned and feral cat welfare group. Now he is back with his family again.

Colony caretaker and CatFriends volunteer Bill Antilla noticed Bogie among the cats he feeds and looks after and felt he must have been someone’s pet. When he was eventually able to do a microchip scan, Bill confirmed Bogie’s status and his family was identified.

After making  4,000-plus mile flight, Bogie is finally back with his family after 16 months.

“He looked like a purebred Siamese cat,” Bill told KHON News, in Honolulu, noting that the cat’s friendliness added to the likelihood that he was someone’s pet.

The Hawaiian Humane Society was able to trace Bogie’s family to Detroit.

“Probably about 30 minutes later, I received a call from the daughter. She was just ecstatic we found Bogie,” Bill said.

CatFriends put Bogie on a plane last Thursday, and he was back with his family Friday morning.

“They’re so excited to have him back,” CatFriends president Jennifer Kishimori said. “They said now when they brought him home, they have carpeting, and he’s thrilled to roll around on carpeting and not on the street anymore.”

CatFriends wrote at Facebook on July 23: Here’s a happy ending/feel good story that shows the importance of microchipping your pet and responsible colony caretaking!

This lovely cat, Bogie, has been missing for 1 year and 7 months according to his owner. The family was moving to the Michigan in 2013 and United Airlines cargo personnel allowed the cat to escape from his travel kennel and he has been running around the busy airport industrial area ever since.

One of our most beloved CatFriends Volunteers – Mr. Bill – manages cat colonies near the airport – and many other locations – where this cat showed up just a few months ago. Through his patience and diligence, Bill was able to gain Bogie’s trust, and using a scanner, Mr. Bill was able to find his microchip – which led us to the cat’s owner in Detroit.


Watch the KHON report on the story:


Back with his family in Michigan:

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