Missing cat is reunited with his petdad after 7 years

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KC Pet Project photo


Lutèce went missing 7 years ago during a move and was reunited with his petdad on Friday after coming to the shelter as a stray.

KC pet Project of Kansas City, Missouri told the story of the reunion between Lutèce and his petdad Franc at Facebook on Friday, saying:

“Seven long years have gone by since Franc has seen his missing cat, Lutèce. But today we were thrilled to be able to reunite Lutèce and Franc through his cat’s microchip!

“Lutèce came to our shelter recently as a stray kitty with an injured paw and we found during his examination he had a microchip. We weren’t able to reach anyone at the phone numbers listed for him, but Franc had listed a friend as an emergency contact for his cat’s microchip registration who help us get in touch with him.

“When Franc, who is from France, saw Lutèce today he began speaking to him in French as he did so long ago. Lutèce, who has been a very quiet cat, immediately began meowing back loudly and extending his paw to Franc through the kennel door. Our hearts melted.

“Franc, an Executive Chef here in Kansas City, said that Lutèce disappeared 7 years ago during a move and he went back over and over again for several months searching for him. He stated this was “a miracle that this was happening”. We couldn’t agree more. Bonne vie, Lutèce!”

KCTV Channel 5 reported on the story and quoted Stephanie Bell from KC Pet Project saying: “For a kitty to be perceived as a community cat for many years to turn out to be an owned kitty and be microchipped for all this time is pretty cool. It’s spectacular.”






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