Missing Cat is Reunited with his Family After Living 3 Years as a Stray, 15 Miles from Home

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Barton Lodge veterinary nurse Lorna and Nina of Nina’s Nannies Pet Sitting  with Tim
Photos, Barton Lodge veterinary Centre


A cat who disappeared from his Edgware, Greater London, UK home three years ago is back with his family again after living as a stray for over three years in Hemel Hempstead, about 15 miles away to the northwest. Caring animal lovers helped him to survive and to find his family again.

Tim is thought to have hopped into a work van or truck when he went missing in 2010, and he ended up far from home and on his own. A Hemel Hempstead woman has been feeding the handsome Siamese mix stray, and she recently contacted Nina Cole, who is a petsitter, to see if the friendly cat’s owner might possibly be found.

Nina arranged for a temporary foster home for the cat and brought him to Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre, where staff scanned him and found his microchip. Tim’s family had since moved to nearby Stevenage, and vet staff tracked them down there.

Nina told Hemel Today: “Within an hour his owners were located and they was reunited that evening. Without the microchip Tim most certainly would never have been reunited with his owner, which emphasizes how important it is to microchip your pet.”

Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre, in Hemel Hempstead, told the story at Facebook on May 28, saying:

“Tim’s story is amazing. A very kind local person had been feeding him for quite a while and it was clear that, although he was a stray, he was friendly and healthy and might belong to somebody. He was kindly brought to us by Nina of Nina’s Nannies Pet Sitting Services so that we could check him for a microchip.

“Luckily he was chipped and through his computer details we were delighted to be able to contact his owner who had lost Tim in 2011 from Edgeware!!! They almost didn’t believe us that it could be Tim and they had given up any hope of ever seeing him again.

“They were delighted to be reunited with their lovely boy and we were delighted to have made this happen.

“Here [in the photos] is Nina with Tim, our nurses Holly and Lorna, Nina and Tim after we had found out the good news.”

Tim’s family members, Debbie Joseph and Ray Holloly, are grateful to have Tim back with them. Debbie says that Tim has been to their vet for a checkup and his shots and is in good health other than having a broken molar. He has also gained some weight during his long absence from home.

You can find Nina’s Nannies for Pets at Facebook and their website.


Nurse Holly checks his Pet ID details in the computer whilst Tim poses in the Prep room.


Nina and Tim




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