Missing Cat Angus Returns Home After 8 Years

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Mary and David Dalton are reunited with their long lost cat Angus at Brampton Animal Services.


Angus was recently picked up and brought to the shelter as a stray, but after a microchip scan he was reunited with his family after an absence of 8 1/2 years.

The City of Brampton Animal Services, in Brampton, ON, found Angus as a stray and helped him to return home to his shocked and thrilled family after eight and a half long years.

Mary and David Dalton put up posters and searched for him every day when Angus – whose full name is Angus Beaumont Dalton – suddenly disappeared from their Etobicoke home in October, 2005.  Mary continued to check public postings at the Toronto Humane Society’s website on a weekly basis long afterward, and she saved Angus’ missing cat poster.

The Daltons were not expecting to get the call they received earlier this month telling them that Angus had been found. Brampton Animal Services staff were excited at being able to send the long-lost cat home to his family.

Brampton Animal Services wrote at Facebook on April 8:

“REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD! Angus is happy to be home with parents Mary and David after he went missing over 8 years ago! Yup, we said 8 YEARS ago on October 27, 2005! Animal Control Officer, Daniel, picked up Angus as a stray yesterday morning off Winston Churchill Blvd in Brampton. Luckily for “Angus”, he is microchipped! When Daniel contacted Mary and David to notify them of Angus’ whereabouts, they were more than just shocked, they were thrilled to know that their hopes of seeing him again one day would come true! Angus’ story is just one of many successful reunions all thanks to the pet microchip! Please consider chipping your pets – Brampton Animal Services is hosting a microchip clinic on May 7th between 6pm-8pm for the cost of $30. Best wishes to Angus, Mary, and David!”

Diane Davies said in comments beneath the happy announcement at Facebook that she’d been feeding a black and white cat in Brampton for about a year and hadn’t seen the cat in a few days. She wonders if it was Angus.

While not much is known about Angus’ whereabouts and travels over the past eight years, it is thought that he was probably living with someone before he became a stray.

The Dalton’s say he is the same Angus they remember now that he is back home, except for a skittishness that, hopefully, will diminish over time.

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