Missing Calgary cat is finally back home

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Sheri Hanson was reunited with her beloved cat Titan this week, after nearly 2 years, thanks to a shelter staffer who searched through 2 years worth of missing cat posts, identified him and located her.

Sheri says both Titan and her other cat, Shay, got outside after getting onto their first floor balcony one day in July, 2013.

“We found Shay but we couldn’t find Titan … they aren’t street cats so I panicked,” Sheri said.

Sheri did everything she could to find Titan. She searched the neighborhood, put up posters, continuously checked with the humane society, and posted online at the pet recovery Facebook page that finally provided the key to getting Titan back home.

“It was devastating [to lose Titan]. I wanted to stand in the middle of the street and have a temper tantrum … and scream, ‘somebody bring me my cat,'” she said.

An intake tech at Meow Foundation in Calgary, AB spotted Titan’s missing cat photo last week while searching at the YYC Pet Recovery Facebook page.

Sheri had written in her missing cat listing in 2013: “Titan has been missing since July 2nd in Pineridge, he’s approximately 7 years old. Titan is an inside cat who loves to lounge on the balcony. He isn’t wearing a collar. We have put up posters and walk through our community daily Titan is very much loved and missed. If Titan has been found please call Sheri at [her phone number].

Meow Foundation wrote at Facebook Thursday: ” We’re so happy we were able to reunite Titan (MEOW name Ashby) with his owner after two years! A special thanks to our Intake Assistant Amanda D. who discovered Titan’s photo from 2013 on YYC Pet Recovery!”

“Titan came into us as a stray in November 2013,” MEOW shelter manager Sandra Henry said.

“We could not locate the owners so he went out and got adopted, then he was returned.”

Titan’s family appeared at the shelter to collect him last Friday, less than an hour after getting the call saying he’d been identified and was waiting for them.

“I can’t describe the feeling,” Sheri said. “I always kept the hope that he would come home.”

“I walked up to him and was like, oh my God Titan, and then I just started crying,” Sheri said. “And he remembered his name and it took him a bit, but then I kind of kneeled down and he started bumping at my hand.”

“He kind of looked at me and started head butting my arm and my hands, he remembered me,” Sheri added, describing the moments she was reunited with her missing cat. “He’s not any different, he’s the same cat.”

Titan holds a special place in Sheri’s heart, since she raised him from kittenhood for the following 8 years until he disappeared.

She said she was initially in a state of disbelief when she got the call about Titan from MEOW shelter on Tuesday.

“I started crying, completely started crying,” she said.

The 'missing cat' photo that helped Titan find his way home. He is tha cat on the bottom of the tree, with Shay above him.
The ‘missing cat’ photo that helped Titan find his way home. He is the cat on the bottom of the tree, with Shay above him.

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