Mirko the Cat Gains Fame for His Ballet Moves

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dance ii
Image source: Twitter.com

Cats are known for being agile and graceful, but when it comes to dancing, Mirko’s moves take the cake. Mirko lives in Japan, and his owner, Chisa, captures great pictures of the active cat as he “dances” around the house.

dance iii
Image source: Twitter.com
dance iiii
Image source: Twitter.com

Mirko loves to make impressive leaps after his cat toys, and Chisa has spent lots of time trying to capture his antics. Because of Mirko’s enthusiasm, many of the photos show him in “ballet” poses, with his legs outstretched as he arches through the air.

dance i
Image source: Twitter.com

Mirko’s pictures have earned him internet fame. Chisa posts his photos on his Twitter account, and Mirko has more than 39,000 followers.

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