Miracle girl and rescued cat make ‘purrfect’ pair

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Fayth Youman was called the Miracle Baby when she was born in December, 2003 weighing less than a pound. Now 10 years old, Fayth lives with several challenges but has found a special friend and therapeutic companion in an 8 year old adopted cat named Estevan.

Fayth and her family live in Moriarty, New Mexico, and adopted Estevan from a pet store that participates in Animal Humane New Mexico’s Cats Around Town program. The aim of the program is to help adult cats find new homes outside of the typical shelter environment.

Fayth weighed 12.5 ounces at birth and fought to live. At four months old, and weighing four pounds, she went home from the hospital for the first time. She has cerebral palsy, is unable to walk, is blind and has limited communication skills.

Estevan has made a big difference in Fayth’s life; she is calmer and more verbal thanks to his presence.  Estevan likes to spend time with Fayth on her bed.

“He’ll come and watch us to make sure we’re not hurting her, or he’ll lay over the top of her bed and watch us,” Fayth Youman’s mother, Sharon, told KRQE News 13.

It was only by chance that they adopted a the cat. Fayth asked to visit a dog one day after her physical therapy session and met Estevan at the store because there weren’t any dogs.

“I put Estevan on Fayth’s lap and she grabbed a big old handful of hair, and he just meowed,” Sharon said.

Fayth kept asking for the cat, and her mother adopted Estevan a few days later.

“Fayth loves him. I mean, she likes it when he gets up on her bed,” Sharon said. “She can’t say the whole ‘Estevan,’ so she’ll say, “Tevan, what you doing?””

“He’s a protector. I would say he’s her protector, and I’d say they both picked each other,” Sharon said.

Estevan has improved Fayth’s life, and Fayth has given an older less adoptable cat a loving home.





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