Miracle cat survives 150ft fall from 13th floor window

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Dyson poses for a photo with his family



A very lucky cat used up one of his nine lives after plummeting 150ft from an open window of a 13th floor flat. Unlike some cases where we hear that the cat walked away with just a scratch, Dyson was seriously injured in the accidental fall and is lucky to have recovered.

One-year-old Dyson was rushed to the Blue Cross UK’s animal hospital in Victoria, London after his owner saw him tumble out of the window of her home in south west London.

Joanna Kane, Dyson’s owner, explains: “Dyson was playing with the curtains near an open window and before I could do anything to stop him, he disappeared out of it. I heard him hit the concrete outside and rushed straight downstairs. I didn’t think he’d be alive, but he was still breathing.”

Dyson was seen by the animal charity’s vets where he was given emergency pain relief and intensive care for severe shock.

An X-ray also revealed that Dyson had sustained lung damage and a badly fractured pelvis.

After a complex operation, Dyson remained in the care of the hospital’s veterinary team for over three weeks until he was ready to go back home to his family.

Mark Bossley, Chief Veterinary Surgeon at Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Victoria, explains: “Dyson is very lucky to have survived such a high fall. It was touch and go in the beginning but after lots of care and rehabilitation, he’s doing remarkably well.

“We see lots of cats here who have fallen from windows, but I’ve never come across a cat that’s fallen from such a height.”

Joanna Kane adds: “I don’t leave windows open anymore after what happened. I didn’t think Dyson would survive his accident and I’m so grateful to Blue Cross for helping him get better.”



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