Miracle cat Bart continues to recover and makes a friend

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Bart and his new friend Jack


The Humane Society of Tampa Bay says there’s not much news to report from their custody case battle with Bart the Miracle cat’s former owner, but they have made a few positive updates on the wonder cat’s condition in recent days.

Bart, as most readers will recall, is the Miracle or Zombie Cat who made international headlines after returning from the grave after being buried alive after he was hit by a car. Bart’s owner brought him to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s veterinary clinic for help, and, while he was originally slated to retrn home after his recovery, the Humane Society decided not to give him back after more information on the circumstances of his burial and his home life came to light. The owner, Ellis Hutson, is suing to regain custody.

The newest and most heartwarming bit of news is that Bart has made friends with another cat at the shelter. Jack is a former feral. The Hmane Society writes: “Not only is Bart healing well but he is also making friends! Our former feral boy, Jack, who lives at our administrative building was happy to share his favorite desk with a new friend. He didn’t budge from the bed or offer to share, but we’ll give it some time! We’re just happy to see Bart acting like a happy, normal cat again!”

As he blossoms, Jack is showing more and more personality and has figured out what it means to play. The Humane Society wrote at Facebook on Februuary 25: ” It’s been a busy day for Mr. Personality! He received a letter from a fan in Germany, a new bed and treats from an admirer in Pittsburgh, and this toy from our staff which he LOVED! You can see from the picture the progression from vague interest to “oh I get what I’m supposed to do” to “SUCCESS!”. LOVE him!”

They wrote on February 23: “We don’t have much new to report on the custody case but we can say that Bart is doing fantastic. He is still healing and eating well, and has mastered the litter box! We are so proud of him.”

Bart’s caretakers explained the discoloration of the fur below his head. Due to his jaw being wired, he cannot completely close his mouth and drools a bit, especially when he eats. It has caused his fur to be temporarily stained.

With his great progress, it is becoming hard to see Bart as the same cat who’d been buried alive with severe injuries and clawed himself out of a shallow graze, then tried to go back home. Bart was a terrible and pathetic sight when he was brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay a month ago. He had maggots in his open wounds, his eye was so badly damaged it had to be removed, and he needed to have his broken jaw wired to help it heal. Beyond those injuries, Bart apparently did not lead a pampered and comfortable life with his former owner, and is benefiting from living indoors with creature comforts, attention and socialization.






Here is a picture of Bart taking a nap in one of a staffer’s lap after eating his lunch.


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