Miracle Cat, Back From The Grave!

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By Karen Harrison Binette



A Florida cat came back from the grave 5 days after being hit by a car and – so his petdad thought – killed. Bart is expected to recover after surgery for his injuries.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay wrote at Facebook today, saying: “Did you hear about Bart the Miracle Cat? He was hit by a car and his owner thought he was dead. Heartbroken, he buried him. Five days later, Bart showed up in a neighbor’s yard! His astounded owner brought him to the Animal Health Center at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.”

Bart is being treated for a broken jaw, open wounds, and damaged eye. He is expected to recover. The Animal Health Center planned to perform surgery today to repair Bart’s broken jaw and remove his eye. Bart’s jaw was to be wired and he’d get a feeding tube.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay wrote: “We have seen many amazing cases at our full-service veterinary clinic, but this situation may take the cake! Our public hospital is currently caring for a 2-3 year old cat who was found by his owner after being hit by a car. The cat appeared to be lifeless and the owner buried him. …

“He had dug himself out of the grave and slowly made his way back home, albeit weak, dehydrated and in need of medical attention.

“The owner reached out to area veterinary clinics but, unable to afford their fees, brought him to the our Animal Health Center where he is being treated for a broken jaw, open facial wounds and a ruined eye, which will have to be removed. Luckily, the injuries sustained were not more serious. HSTB veterinarians expect him to recover and be able to go back home.”

Bart’s petdad Ellis Hutson is happy – though shocked – to have his beloved cat back again.

When Ellis found Bart in the road last week, the (approximately) 2 year old cat was stiff, seemingly lifeless and not appearing to breathe.

“I couldn’t stand to bury the cat,” Ellis said, so he asked a neighbor to dig a shallow grave next to the street. Ellis says he knows the exact spot where Bart was buried.

Five days later, when the cat reappeared, dehydrated, hungry, injured and with matted fur, he meowed at neighbor Dusty Albritton’s door looking for food.

“At first it blew me away,” said Dusty. “All I knew was this cat was dead and Pet Sematary is real.”

Executive director Sherry Silk said the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s Save-A-Pet Medical Fund will help for Bart’s surgeries, which will cost more than $1,000.

“The guy [Ellis Hutson]  genuinely, believe me, cares about this cat,” Sherry Silk said. “He’s a well meaning guy.”

“[Bart is] purring, even with all these injuries. I can’t even imagine how awful he must have felt. He’s just a really wonderful, patient, loving cat.”

Watch FOX 13’s news coverage of the story:


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  1. This cat has some courage and determination to live ! I pray that his petdad will keep him inside the house now….much safer!!

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