Minnesota Man Builds Feline Fun House

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Cat lover Greg Kruegar is featured in a video report on the cool habitat he has built for his four cats inside of his St. James, Minnesota home.

Greg’s ongoing project includes elaborate tunnels and platforms, 100 yards of overhead catwalks, and little cat doorways between rooms. The feature calls the kitty system a feline amusement park.

“I just love trails and paths, and cats, of course,” Greg said. “And so I’ve just linked those passions together.”

“I don’t feel like I live alone, even though I’m the only person living here,” said Greg. “We’re like a family.”

Greg has worked on the project for more than 15 years and has no plans to call it finished.

“I think about it constantly, I can’t fall asleep,” he said. “I’m still thinking about it, thinking about the design. I wake up, I’m thinking about it. I’m thinking about it all day at work.”

Greg’s obsession with the project was given a new perspective when he saw a doctor last fall and was given an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. He considers his mild form of autism to be a blessing that gives him great focus.

“Obviously, my house would not be like this if I didn’t have Asperger’s,” he said. “If it takes a long time, I don’t care because if I like what I’m doing, I almost don’t want to finish what I’m doing.”

“It’s been said that all cats have Asperger Syndrome,” he said. “So I think that might be one reason why I really love cats is that I kind of think that I can understand their personality really well.”

“I can tell that they love me,” he said. “I know they love me because I love them too.”

watch, and get an inside look at Greg’s amazingly cat-friendly home:

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