Mimi is rescued and gets help following Rock Creek BC fire

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Mimi and her petmom at Grand Forks Central Veterinary Services


Mimi survived a wild fire in British Columbia that destroyed her home and was found two days later by a neighbor, taking refuge in her petmom’s car.

Mimi was just one of the animals rescued by neighbors following the devastating Rock Creek fire that started earlier this month and continues to burn in some places. The fire is thought to have been started by a carelessly tossed cigarette.

Rock Creek resident Erika Tafel – whose horse survived and was waiting to be fed when she came back after the fire – went looking for her neighbor’s cat Mimi, knowing the woman had lost her home and everything in it. The woman’s car had provided Mimi with a place to say and wait for help to come.

“Poor Mimi had spent two days down there, but luckily her car hadn’t burnt, so she was able to protect herself in the car,” Tafel is quoted saying in a CBC report on animals found following the fire.

“Unfortunately all [my neighbour’s] possessions are gone, but her beloved cat was there.”

Mimi was taken to the vet and was treated for second degree burns to her paws. Since her petmom had lost so much, members of the commnity stepped up to help pay for Mimi’s care.

Introducing their appeal for help with Mimi’s care, Grand Forks Central Veterinary services wrote at Facebook, saying: “Hi, my name is Mimi and I survived the Rock Creek fire in British Columbia, BC. I have second degree burns on all my paws, my whiskers are gone and all my fur is singed, but I won’t let that stop me!”

The brief appeal message went on to say that Mimi’s petmom lost everything in the fire except for the injured cat. Community members donated more than $600 in less than 24 hours.

Mimi has now been reunited with her petmom. She was released from the vet’s on August 24.

One of the donors, Jennifer Brock, was quoted in the CBC story, saying: “Every couple of days I hear this wonderful, life-redeeming story about the resilience of animals, and it’s just comparable to all the people here in Rock Creek,” she said.

“I’m feeling like it’s going to be okay, that everybody is going to be okay.”



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