Military Family Helps Reunite Cat With Her Family

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Thanks to a post at a Facebook group for military spouses, Feisty got out of a shelter and found a ride out of Albuquerque to rejoin her family, who are now in Maryland following a deployment to Japan.

Anika Ditchkofsky and her family had to give their cat Feisty away when they were sent on military deployment, leaving Albuquerque to go to Japan.

Now back in the States and living in Maryland, Anita recently discovered that Feisty was not in a good home, as thought, but had ended up in an Albuquerque shelter.

“We didn’t want to give her away to begin with, but we didn’t have a choice when we got orders overseas,” Anita said.

Anita posted at a Facebook group for military spouses, asking for help in hopes she could get Feisty out of the shelter and back with her family.

Liz Anderson and her family were preparing for a move from Albuquerque to Washington DC when she saw Anita’s post and did not hesitate to help.

“I didn’t even think about it, I thought this is so easy of course we will bring her to you. We’re literally half an hour from their house probably,” Anderson said. “It was an easy thing to do, another military family on the receiving end and little girls they’ve got two girls also. They are excited to see her again, they thought they would never see her again.”

“She’s like a miracle, and I can’t wait to meet her and her family and I really hope that we can become friends,” said Ditchkofsky.

The Anderson family set out on the drive from Albuquerque on Friday.

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