Midnight in the Sewer

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The Young family never thought they’d never see Midnight again.

Jeanette Young of Cheltenham, UK gave up hope of ever seeing her tortie cat, Midnight, ever again. Midnight’s sister Star had been run over a few weeks ago and days later, Midnight went missing. The family reports Midnight disappearing on March 1st, leaving Young and her two daughters, Helena and Bella even more devastated. Ten days later on March 11th, a neighbor heard meowing coming from beneath a manhole cover. The neighbor called the local water department which dispatched workers to investigate. They removed the cover and found Midnight in the sewer. They said the closest point of entry for Midnight was two miles away at a creek. It seems Midnight had quite the homing instinct to find her way underground to a manhole just yards from her front door. The girls were elated to see Midnight again. Six-year old Bella said, “I cried for ages when Star died. It was very sad. But we were so happy to see Midnight again. We missed her and were worried she wasn’t coming back.” A very happy Midnight was treated to a salmon dinner upon her return.

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