Microchip-Reading Cat Door

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What if you could install a pet door that “talked” to your cat’s microchip and allowed only her to enter and exit your home?

Microchipping is becoming a common practice among pet owners; in fact, earlier this year a bill that would require all cats or dogs adopted from a shelter be microchipped.  Some companies are cashing in on the microchip popularity by offering pet doors that work with the chip’s unique identification number.

The main benefit, of course, is the comfort of knowing Fluffy can come and go as she pleases, but you won’t find Mr. Raccoon has come calling and helped himself to the contents of your pantry.  Consumers of these specialized (and pricy: the SureFlap model pictured above sells for around $150) gadgets have become creative in how they use them. Some call these smart doors the miracle solution for separating their pets at feeding time, isolating a litter box for only one cat, or offering outdoor privileges to only certain pets.

Do you use one of these microchip-sensing pet doors?  Would you spend that kind of money for some of the conveniences it offers?

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