Mercedes the Kitten Is Feeling Fine

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Mercedes’ story was all over the place a couple of weeks ago, after Brooklyn, NY based photographer Antonio M. Rosario saved her from danger and recounted the compelling rescue story. A video shows little Mercedes settling into her new home.

Antonio witnessed a kitten trapped in a car’s housing while driving Ocean Parkway headed for Brighton Beach earlier this month.  He then spearheaded the dramatic rescue effort that saved the kitty’s life, and gave her a good home.

After Antonio published a blog post on the rescue at his website the story was picked up by several news outlets, so you may have heard about it already.

His dramatic telling of the story begins this way:

The incredible story of Mercedes

So, here’s the story about Mercedes the kitten.

We’re driving along Ocean Parkway, headed to Brighton Beach for a morning at the beach. Sometime while we’re driving (I’m in the passenger seat) I hear what sounds like a cat crying. I don’t pay it that much mind as I figure we’re passing by some alley cats or something. Then, a little later when we hit a stoplight, I hear the sound again. This time I think that we have a cat in our car. I look out behind me and out the window and in the adjacent lane is see a Mercedes s550 with its left front turn signal light missing from the housing. In this housing is the little face of a kitten crying.

Whoa! I open the window and wave at the woman driving the car. I grab her attention and point to the front of her car. “You have a cat inside your car!” I yell. She rolls down her window and I yell at her again. “What should I do? Is it dead?” she says. “No, pull over there,” I yell back.

The story continues as first efforts do not succeed and Antonio has to insist the motorist does not just drive away and possibly kill the kitten. With help from a few others, he finally removed the kitten, who had crawled further into the engine. He rescued her a second time when he gave her a home.

We discovered a video made by Antonio that shows the lucky little girl as she becomes acquainted with her new home. This kitty almost died on that day, and the knowledge of that makes this simple little video seem especially sweet.

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  1. We read about so many horrific things that are done to animals. Stories like this one soothe the soul. You are both blessed.

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