Memow survives RV explosion and gets help

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A cat who escaped when his family’s RV exploded is getting help for severe burn injuries at a Seattle animal hospital.

A good Samaritan who spotted the injured 5 month old kitten in Seattle, Washington’s Ballard neighborhood ran into Ballard Animal Hospital Tuesday morning seeking help for the poor creature.

Ballard Animal Hospital veterinarian  Jennifer Wallace went to the spot where the cat had been seen and found Memow being dive-bombed by crows, as the good Samaritan had witnessed. Poor Memow’s eyes were swollen shut and he was unable to defend himself from the birds.

Jennifer carried Memow back to Ballard Animal Hospital and says she has never seen a case like his in her 10 years practicing veterinary medicine.

“This is probably one of the more disturbing, heart-wrenching, and intense medical cases,” Jennifer said. “He’s getting better every day but he’s probably going to be in the hospital for maybe close to a month.”

“His tongue is severely burned. He would’ve starved. He would’ve developed an infection.”

Memow had been seen on security footage running from the  RV as it exploded and burst into flames. He became separated from his owners, who also escaped from the motor home.

Neighborhood residents say several RVs are routinely found parked on the community’s streets in what amounts to an encampment.

Ballard Animal Hospital is caring for Memow and started a gofndme campaign to help cover the cat’s medical expanses. The Memow’s Road to Recovery gofundme campaign has, at this writing, raised $8,851, meeting and exceeding its $4,500 goal in just two days.

Ballard Animal Hospital wrote on the gofundme page:

“A Good Samaritan alerted us to a badly burned kitty in the road on Tuesday morning. The man noticed a mob of crows dive bombing the cat and realized he was injured. A hospital employee found the kitty in the road, crying; he was helpless to defend himself as his eyes were swollen shut from the severe burns to his face.

“We have since been contacted by the owner, who was in the RV fire that took place in Ballard in the early morning hours of February 24th. The owner of the cat lost everything in the fire and is not local to the Seattle area. He is an animal lover and is devoted to his kitty. At this point, it looks hopeful that this sweet cat will survive, but he needs several more weeks of hospitalization and perhaps surgery. We have a “Chester Fund” (named after a previous patient who needed financial support) where we accept donations to pay for treatments for animals when their owners cannot.

“A little bit about this kitty:

“His name is Memow. He is 5 months old and dearly loved. He’s been through a traumatic experience, but he’s docile and loving. We have all fallen for him. He has taught us all about trust and vulnerability. He’s a dear kitten, and we are pulling for him.”

Ballard Animal Hospital wrote at Facebook today: “Thank you to everyone for your donations big & small to support Memow’s recovery. We have well surpassed our goal! A big thank you to VCA Veterinary Specialty Center for offering their services should Memow need surgery.

“Yesterday’s medical update on Memow: He had a rough morning, but a change in his pain medication made a big difference and he rallied in the afternoon. This photo [seen at the top of the post] was after he chowed down on some cat food (so cute!), so he was definitely feeling better! Keep sending your well-wishes for this sweet cat. He’s fighting hard!”

The introduction to a sweet video of Memow enjoying some belly rubs says: “While Memow has some serious burns, most of his belly and back is unharmed. This is good, because he seriously loves belly rubs.”

Memow loves belly rubs!

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