Meet Zoey, Ernie and Wally–The Island Cats

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(Island Cats)

Zoey’s eyes are an exotic blue green, but she lives on a non-tropical island in the Detroit River with her human parents and two other cats, Ernie and Wally. Zoey used to scavenge for food in dumpsters, but now she’s living the good life on Grosse Ile, Michigan.

(Island Cats)

Their daily lives on Grosse Ile are chronicled on The Island Cats blog and Facebook page and Instagram


Wally is a ginger cat and Ernie is black. Their cat mom, Sue Doute, volunteers at the Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center in Wyandotte, Michigan and takes in “guest cats” whom she fosters until they find their forever homes.

(Island Cats)

Ernie and Wally are best friends. Apparently the main qualification for being an island cat is living on Grosse Ile and being spoiled. Not a bad gig for the cats and their humans, who are winning awards for, you guessed it, blogging about cats since 2008.

(Island Cats)

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