Meet Kyle: Domestic Violence Survivor

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(My Cat Kyle)

Kyle is wearing purple this month to remind everyone that animals are often targeted by abusers, and that many battered women won’t leave their homes without their beloved cat or dog.

(My Cat Kyle/Instagram)

Kyle is a cat with a cause. He wants to educate everyone about the need to provide safe spaces for victims of abuse and their pets. Six years ago, he and 30 other cats were removed from a home after his owner was murdered by her husband, according to Kyle’s Instagram page.

(Screengrab: Meow Quarterly)

Kyle’s new human, Jen, likes to share photos of his awesome mustache and educate the public about the importance of providing animal-friendly domestic violence shelters.

(My Cat Kyle/Instagram)

His Instagram page has  a link to a GoFundMe page for those who want to donate to charities that support animal-friendly shelters for victims of domestic violence. That includes dogs as well as cats; Kyle has a best dog friend named Dee.

(My Cat Kyle/Instagram)

Did you know that 45 percent of abused women refuse to leave their homes because they don’t want to abandon their pets? And that pets are often the target of violence?  Spread the word, and help more cats like Kyle escape abusive homes.

To learn more about Jen and Kyle, you can read this interview in Meow Quarterly.




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