Meet Desmond: A Most Conversant Cat

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Desmond is all cat.  There is no doubt about that. Yet he has the innate ability to converse with the varied and sundry characters, both sweet and savory, that inhabit his world.  Lucky for us, he shares the myriad of his adventures with all those who check in on his episodic musings.

Every Monday, around noon-ish, more or less, Grand Meridian Time (as in GMT), Desmond spins his yarn, while occasionally playing with yarn, of all that has happened during his escapades, past and present, some of which have Desmond’s paw print impacting history.


This excerpt, from his ABOUT page, shares a bit of the flavor for which readers can be ready.

Hi. The name is Desmond. I’m a cat.

No, I can’t write but I can talk. A friend is jotting this down for me.

The very same who has taken to writing my story. Some story.

Believe me, there’s more to Desmond than fine conversation.

I have lost count of my many rich and varied lives, certainly more than nine, that brought me into contact with some of history’s great characters.

Right now though I am hanging out in Deidre’s Café. A homely little eatery that attracts a right rum lot.

The rich beggar, the Botox-infused Mother Superior, the dodgy Mayor, light-weight journalist, transvestite cop and so the list goes on. Each and every one of them convinced that they, and they alone, talk to me.

Sound daft?

Trust me, it is.

So, for nine minutes or so of light-hearted nonsense, click here to begin your weekly dose of Desmond.

That’s me. The world’s only talking cat.

It’s true!

And, it’s free. There will never be a charge. Promise.


For some fun entertainment, be sure to check out Desmond the Cat, and sign up for the free weekly subscription (as Desmond, himself, so kindly pointed out). A light escape for any day and to be sure, Desmond and the cast of unique characters who all believe the cat speaks exclusively to them, will bring a smile. And likely a guffaw. Or two.

Visit to read of Desmond’s antics and sign up for a subscription.

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