Marshmallow Kitten Goes Manic on Reflections

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Marshmallow kitten is back. This time she’s scratching like mad on windows and other reflective surfaces.

Marshy’s petparent and videographer writes:

Marshmallow is just as entranced by her own reflection as mama Mochi was when Mochi was a kitten.

Over the past couple weeks, Marshy exhibited some strangely kawaii behavior before settling down to nap in one of the cat trees. She would head to the top of the tree, initially tap with one paw on the glass door, then go into a frenzy, rhythmically tapping on what appears to be her reflection. Is she trying to free her reflection from the shackles of glass? As she is still a kitten, is Marshmallow playing make-believe games with her reflections? Marshy also goes manic when she sees her reflection in other objects, such as the glossy, orange cube shown in the video. What you think Marshy is doing?

Marshmallow continues to grow well, having reached the 5-lb mark in 4 months. She will be as big, strong, and healthy as mama Mochi in no time.

For more videos on Marshmallow’s growth and development, click HERE.


Here is Mama Mochi playing in 2010, in Funny Kitten tries to Catch own Reflection .

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