Marigold Welcomes Her Kittens Into the World

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What better way for a cat site to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday?

Donna Battaglia made this lovely video of her foster cat Marigold welcoming her three kittens into the world and showing them love.

Donna writes: “This is a very loving momma-cat as she pets, cuddles, caresses her babies and holds them close all the while purring very loudly.

“The 2nd kitten loses contact with his mom and gets frantic as he tries to find her and when he can’t find her he goes in search of his big brother. He becomes extremely vocal so you may need to turn the volume down and cover your cat’s ears when the video tells you to. I am a volunteer foster parent for the Vancouver Orphan Kittens Rescue Association (VOKRA).

“Marigold will continue to care for her kittens until they are 10 to 12 weeks old. Then they will be very carefully matched with their loving and caring “forever parents”. Being a foster parent is most rewarding, exciting, sometimes scarey and always a few tears when it’s time to let them go.”

Marigold Gives Birth to Three Kittens:





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