Mao’s Emotional Reunion

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First Mao was rescued from a house fire, then she went missing for a year and a half. The young woman who reclaimed her at the shelter shed tears of joy and relief as Mao purred and rubbed against her face as the pair were reunited.

Mao was rescued from a house fire in 2012 and was nursed back to health. She was able to return home four months after the fire, but then disappeared. A year and a half later, someone said they’d found the cat on the side of the road and brought her to Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri, where she was checked for a microchip.

Her family thought she had passed away and was thrilled to learn that Mao was alive and could come home again.

Watch the highly emotional and touching reunion from April 10 of this year, with Mao and a member of her family. The young woman is so overcome with emotion she is crying as Mao purrs and repeatedly rubs against her face.



Local NBC affiliate KSHB has a short report on the story:



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