Manhattan Vet Spays and Neuters Cats and Dogs for Free During Spare Time

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toby project

Dr. Andrew Kaplan is a successful and well-respected veterinarian whose clients include some well-off pets in Manhattan. But Kaplan spends his free time on weekends venturing into lower income neighborhoods to lend a hand in reducing the unwanted pet population.

Kaplan’s life was changed when he spotted a puppy named Toby years ago. Toby was on “death row” in a shelter, deemed unadoptable because of aggressive behavior. Kaplan approached New York City’s Animal Care and Control to advocate for the puppy, and was allowed to adopt the puppy because he was a vet. However, the experience opened Kaplan’s eyes to a serious problem present in shelters.

“Animals shouldn’t die in shelters because they don’t have homes,” Kaplan said. “Shelters are killing for space and that is not acceptable.”

Inspired to improve the situation, Kaplan founded the Toby Project, named after the puppy who had changed his life. The Toby Project is a targeted, free and low-cost spay and neuter initiative. The project’s goal is to end the killing of thousands of adoptable dogs and cats each year in New York City’s animal shelters by preventing the births of unwanted dogs and cats.

For six years now, the Toby Project’s mobile clinic truck heads out to under-served New York neighborhoods on the weekends. There, a team of surgeons spays and neuters local dogs and cats for free. The work of the Toby Project can help to prevent unnecessary births and deaths, reducing the unwanted dog and cat population and leading to better lives for the dogs and cats which are born.

Be sure to visit the Toby Project’s website for more information.


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