Mango and Milkshake: Viral Video Stars Looking For Home

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The baby kitten and pit bull friends from the viral video hit Mango Loves Milkshake appeared on LA TV with their foster caregivers last night, who say they would love to see the bonded pair remain together when they are adopted.

The  kitten and pup were rescued by Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles, a volunteer organization that places approximately 1,ooo cats and kittens in new homes every year. Kitten Rescue tells how they came to care for Mango the kitten, along with puppies Milkshake and Boo Boo:

“On July 28, 2012, we got a slightly unusual request – would we know of anyone who could take in a couple of one-week old pit bull puppies that needed bottle feeding? As cat rescuers, we are certainly no strangers to bottle feeding; over the last 15 years our volunteers have rescued, raised and adopted out thousands of bottle baby kittens. Saving bottle babies has been a core part of Kitten Rescue’s mission from the very beginning, so now that we do some dog rescue as well, we thought – why not?

“A staff member from the Best Friends Animal Society’s Los Angeles program, which works with Kitten Rescue in the NKLA Coalition, went to the South Los Angeles shelter to pick up the puppies. While there, a group of kids came in with a three day old orange kitten that they had found. There was no sign of the mom or any siblings and they didn’t know what to do with him, so they brought him to the animal shelter figuring they would be able to take care of him. Unfortunately, our City shelters are not equipped to take care of bottle baby kittens, and if they don’t go into foster care the same day they are brought in they end up being put to sleep. Tens of thousands of kittens meet this tragic fate every year in city and county shelters. And this little kitten may well have too, had he not been lucky to be brought in at this exact moment in time.

“The Best Friends staffer intercepted him before he could be impounded and brought him along to the bottle feeders who agreed to take the puppies. The kitten  has grown up with the two puppies like they are family. They eat together, play together and sleep together in a constant visual display of adorableness that would   melt even the coldest of hearts.”


Here are Mango and Milkshake, accompanied by Michel Campbell and Benjamin Lehrer, in their appearance on NBC4 TV.

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Here is the pair’s new video, Mango and Milkshake are ridiculous… and so is Ray Ray.

Mango Loves Milkshake, viewed nearly half a million times in the last 12 days.

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