Man with cancer is reunited with missing cat

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A man battling a brain tumor was reunited with his beloved cat by a veterinary practice, seven months after being forced to give up the hunt due to his illness.

John Bruton and his wife Lynne, of Leicester, UK, in the East Midlands, took their two 15-year-old cats, Phoebe and Sadie, with them when they embarked on a countrywide canal cruise on their boat last year.

On August 5, Sadie went missing while the Bruton’s boat was moored near the Anderton Boat Lift, a lift lock that connects the River Weaver and the Trent and Mersey Canal. After several days of searching, the couple were forced to go back home without their beloved cat.

John and Lynne had given up on ever seeing Sadie again after the months passed, and were shocked to get a call recently from Willows Vetinary in Hartford, who called to say Sadie had been found at a marina and was ready to come home.

Sadie’s microchip allowed the vet to identify her and contact her family.

John told the story, saying: “We received a phone call from the vets to say Sadie had been found safe and well, seven months since her disappearance.

“Arrangements were made to return her home by car and she arrived back thinner and greyer, but otherwise totally unfazed, although very obviously pleased to see us and her very own bed.

“We would like to thank Kevin and Johnny at the Orchard Marina for feeding and befriending Sadie initially.

“Also a very special thanks to Paula Jackson who apparently fished her out of the Orchard marina, into which she had fallen, and then took her to the Willows Veterinary.”

Elaine Goulborn, from Willows Vets in Hartford, said: “Without Sadie’s microchip, she would possibly never have been reunited with her owners. We strongly recommend all pet owners to get their pets micro-chipped.”



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