Man Who Made Cell Phone Video of Kitten Torture is Arrested


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By Karen Harrison Binette

A British Columbia man wanted for animal cruelty was arrested by Transit Police on Thursday on unrelated charges. When officers spotted Jordan Lucas and a woman crouching behind a dumpster in Richmond, BC they turned up a 2010 warrant for a robbery and weapons charges and a probation violation, after establishing his identity. The transit officers observed Lucas dropping several ID cards and a bank card on the train platform which later proved to be stolen. It was only after Lucas’ arrest that the officers discovered that they had apprehended the person sought over a cell photo video that recorded a 50 minute session during which he abused and tortured a kitten. Lucas was transferred to Vancouver for a bail hearing on Friday.

A woman who purchased a used phone in April discovered the video on the phone and contacted the SPCA. BC SPCA general manager for animal cruelty investigations Marcie Moriarty made the statement,  “On April 26 we were contacted by a woman who had purchased a used cell phone. To her horror, the cell phone still contained a video lasting more than 50 minutes of a helpless kitten being violently abused and tortured.”

The phone was traced to Lucas, who has a distinctive tattoo that matches one on the torturer in the video, whose face is not shown.  He will be charged with one count of animal cruelty under Section 445. 1 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada. If convicted, Lucas can get up to five years in jail, a fine up to $10,000 and a lifetime ban prohibiting him from owning or otherwise having possession of animals.

Lucas’ case proves the point made so often; that people who hurt animals have little regard for others and do harm to people, as well.

We see cruelty cases every day and decline to share most of them here. We are sharing this story out of appreciation to the BC SPCA, who pursued the matter when the video was brought to their attention, and because the case is being treated seriously and can potentially bring a relatively significant punishment if Lucas is convicted and gets the maximum allowed.



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  1. I hope he’s prosecuted to the fullest extent, but remember folks – if he doesn’t get justice here on earth, God will certainly make sure justice is served in the afterlife.

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