Man Makes Pancakes for Kitten and Things Get Complicated

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(Chase Stout/Twitter)

Making tiny pancakes for a kitten got Chase noticed on Twitter. It also got him yelled at by vets. So no, there are no chocolate chips in those pancakes! He was just kidding. He knows chocolate is bad for pets.


Mr. Wilson is just fine.

(Chase Stout/Twitter)

He was adopted by Kenzie Jones and Chase Stout, according to Buzzfeed. When Kenzie went out of town recently, she was a bit worried, and uttered those famous parting words. “Don’t forget to feed the cat!”

So Chase made a stack of three pancakes for himself and the same for Mr. Wilson, just kitten size, according to Buzzfeed.

(Chase Stout)

Then shared his pics with his girlfriend and the world. Mr. Wilson was briefly interested, but didn’t really dig in. The rest is (very recent) history.

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