Man has remarkable reunion with his cat after 5 years

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Owner finds cat while browsing Melbourne, Astralia rescue centre adoptable pet listings after five years apart

Luck and a matter of circumstance led to the reunion between an Australian man and the cat he had not seen in 5 years. The reunion and homecoming for Chop Chop “was meant to be,” his petdad says.

Mitcham, Victoria resident Michael Close met his pet cat for the first time in five years after spotting the Balinese feline while browsing a Melbourne rescue centre’s website (Mitcham is a Melbourne suburb.) Michael left his cat Chopper with his mother before moving to Kuala Lumpur to be closer to his wife’s family while expecting their first child. However, Chopper — named after Melbourne’s notorious criminal Mark ‘Chopper’ Read because he is missing part of an ear — was adopted by another woman after not getting along with his mother’s cat. Chopper wound up at Greensborough’s Cat Protection Society of Victoria after the woman died about three months ago.

Michael returned to Australia in mid-May with his wife Tia and their two children, aged five and two, with the children doing their best to convince their father to get a pet. “The kids have been asking for a cat, but I told them we weren’t getting one unless it was the one we had when we were here,” Mr Close said. “I just happened to be browsing on the cat protection (society) website and (he) came up. “The society changed his name because it may have offended some people.”

“We had written off the possibility of ever seeing him again.”

Chopper recognized Michael when he picked him up. “I called out his original name and he lifted his head straight away,” he said. “We say it was meant to be.”

“It was a really unbelievable moment. It was like a lost family member coming home.”

Chopper, whose nickname is Chop Chop, has adjusted to his old surroundings as if he never left. “When we got back home, the minute we opened the cage he knew where he was,” Mr Close said. “He flew upstairs to his normal spot. “It was just amazing really.”
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Tia and Michael Close with children Aisha, 2, and Jamil, 5, and Chopper.
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