Man Finds Cat in Dumpster While Collecting Bottles

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<who>Photo Credit: BC SPCA
Rosie was found and rescued, after being taped inside a cardboard box, her limbs bound by zip-ties, by a man collecting bottles from a garbage bin. (Photo Credit: BC SPCA)


While collecting bottles from a dumpster, a man heard soft cries and upon investigating, found 1-year old Rosie amongst the trash.

“He dug under the piles of garbage and discovered the cat inside a taped box with her limbs zip-tied together,” Wendy Davies, BC SPCA’s South Peace Branch manager, told KelownaNow.


He released her from her critical situation, caring for her overnight, then taking her to the SPCA location the next morning.


“We immediately took the cat to the vet and thankfully she has no lasting injuries or medical concerns,” says Davies. “If that gentleman hadn’t found her when he did though there’s no doubt she would have suffocated. It is heartbreaking to think how much she was suffering and how terrified she must have been.”

The organization located Rosie’s owner who had reported the cat missing.


“Rosie was part of our community low-cost spay/neuter program, so she had a tattoo and microchip,” says Davies. She adds that it was clear from the way the cat was tied up and buried that this was a deliberate act of animal cruelty.

“We are seeking any information about why Rosie was taken to Pouce Coupe and how she ended up in this life-threatening situation,” she says.

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