Man Finds Cat-Shaped Piece of his Heart in Malta

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Some say everything happens for a reason and if we pick up all the little puzzle pieces along the way, we’ll eventually behold a priceless treasure.  Thus is the case with 66-year-old Malcolm Harper and a tiny kitten he named English.

The story began on the island of Malta, where Englishman Malcolm Harper and his Maltese companion, Marcella were visiting for several months. While out and about one day, the couple happened upon distressful cries coming from a stone wall. They knew they needed to figure out the source of the tiny, terrified mews and immediately began removing stones until they revealed a frightened 7/8-week-old kitten.

The soft-hearted Harper named the kitten English and brought her to a nearby village, where he fed and visited her twice a day. She began to recognize her name and developed a loving connection to her rescuer. Soon, Harper needed to return to England for a short time. Although Marcella continued caring for English, the little kitten felt something was missing and pined for Harper.

Upon his return to Malta, Harper knew in his heart the special kitty was a piece of love and joy he dearly wanted and decided he must share his life with her.  He immediately set about making arrangements to bring her home with him to her namesake country. After the kitty received her necessary vaccinations, she was placed in quarantine until receiving the green light to fly to the UK.  Harper returned to England, leaving a piece of his puzzle, and a piece of his heart, in Malta. Although he flew back for a visit during the quarantine period, he could hardly wait to bring his feline companion home with him.

Now, £600 and 1,500 miles later, English is finally settled with Harper, who says he doesn’t plan on traveling anytime soon, naming English as his new top priority.  Two hearts are full and the puzzle is completed.

The life of a trapped, terrified kitten could have ended quickly, but thanks to a compassionate man who put all the pieces together, a beautiful bond was born. Priceless treasure? Indeed.

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