Man and Missing Cat Reunited After More Than a Year Thanks to Good Samaritan

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Venger is back home with his grateful petdad after nearly a year and a half thanks to a woman who used the cat’s identifying ear tattoo to track the owner down, with the help of the SPCA.

As Global News’ Okanagan branch reports, Venger went missing from the Kelowna, British Columbia home he shared with petdad Beau Powers in January of 2013.

Beau says that since Venger’s disappearance he’d call out the cat’s name every time he spotted a black cat but it was never his boy.

According to the Global news story, a heartsick Beau became resigned to the thought that Venger must have come to a bad end.

Everything changed this week, though, when a woman living a couple of miles away tracked Beau down with the help of the Vancouver branch of the BC SPCA, which was able to locate him from the contact information associated with Venger’s ear tattoo ID.

Venger had been hanging around the woman’s home, and instead of ignoring him or simply feeding him, she decided to try to help him find his way home.

Beau says he will keep Venger indoors from now on to prevent him from becoming lost ever again.


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