Mama Cat and Kittens Rescued; Now She Helps Save Others

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This Mama cat and her little family were rescued after being stranded and all alone; now she helps save others.

Mama cat was rescued along with her kittens by JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support) volunteers after they were stranded in Fukushima when the contaminated area was evacuated by decree. Many families followed the instructions to go quickly and leave their pets, and then were unable to retrieve them.

JEARS volunteers identified kitty as a new, nursing mother but were unable to locate her kittens at their first encounter, so they left her behind to care for her litter. They later returned to find her and the kittens, then rescued the family and brought them to safety.

Now that Mama’s own kittens are old enough to feed entirely on solid food she gladly tends to motherless rescue kittens.

JEARS caption:

We had come across this mama cat before in a completely evacuated area. Unfortunately, she was clearly nursing and we couldn’t find her kittens, so the tough decision was made to leave her – along with some food – and to return another time.

This time, she led us straight to them! The whole family was a bit frightened but we were able to catch all the kittens and trap the mom. There was no food left anywhere in sight, and the kittens were on the thin side, so we were quite glad to have finally caught them.

The caption for the sweet photo at page top reads: Momma cat busily helping out and happily accepting ALL of the kittens for baths and periodic feedings.

Mama cat was found with her six-week-old kittens in Fukushima shortly before the rescue group took in several very young orphaned kittens from Animal Control: one group was two weeks of age, and the other only two days. They began by bottle-feeding the babies, but decided to ask Mama kitty to help out since her own kittens were ready to transition to solid foods. Now she feeds, bathes and snuggles the little orphans.

Mama is paying it forward and helping other little rescues know the warmth and security of a mama kitty’s care.

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  1. She’s a cat but foremost she’s a mother a very loving mother that’s ready to give tender care to kittens in need.

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