Mama and Newborn Kittens Brought Down From Nest in Tree

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A local resident in Littleover, Derby UK made a surprising discovery yesterday when they spotted a Mama cat and her kittens 25 feet up a tree. The person called the Derby branch of the RSPCA, and Trainee Inspector Sarah Burrows came to the scene. Sarah called in the fire service, which was able to make the rescue of Mama and her babies using a tall ladder.

Mama is being called Squirrel; she and her three babies are currently in the care of the RSPCA Derby and District Branch. Another kitten was found at the foot of the tree two weeks ago; that kitten is in the care of a cat charity. Squirrel is very friendly, and the RSPCA thinks she may have a family in the area. They hope the family comes forward to claim her. If not, she and the babies will eventually be made available for adoption.

Sarah Burrows said of the rescue, “I couldn’t quite believe it when I got the call to say that a cat and her newborn kittens were up in a tree. It didn’t quite ring true; but when I arrived we could just see mum poking her head out of the nook in the tree, it was quite bizarre indeed. She clearly thought this was the best place to keep her kittens safe, but I don’t think she had really thought it through as to how she was going to get them down afterwards! I would like to thank the fire service for getting mum and her kittens to safety.”

The RSPCA believes that Mama gave birth to her kittens in her little alcove in the tree about two weeks ago and had been going up and down the tree, leaving to get food and then returning to her babies.

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  1. So the fire department in the UK rescues cats — while the ones the US can’t be bothered. Interesting.

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