Mama and Kittens Dumped in Shrinkwrapped Box Thrive Under Shelter’s care

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Pandora and her three babies were dumped outside a shelter, covered in filth and shrinkwrapped into a box. They were found in time. Now, three weeks later the kittens are weaned and have gone to good homes.

A Mama cat and her three babies were found in the box you see here on June 30, outside of  Mrs. Murray’s Cat and Dog Home animal refuge and shelter in Aberdeen, Scotland. The little family had their cosy cat nest and a selection of toys in the box with them. The inclusion of the cat toys suggests someone, very possibly a family member, took the cat and kittens away from a home where somebody loved them. The nest was covered in the cats’ filth and the day was warming up when they were found.

Luckily Mama and kittens were found before they succumbed to heat or dehydration and starvation. Shelter manager Marie Simpson said the little family was found just in time.

The shelter published an open letter to the person who left the box, which reads:

“To the person who thought it acceptable to leave their cat and 3 kittens in a shrink wrapped cardboard box outside our door in the sunshine between 8am-9am – you may like to know that although they were extremely distressed, covered in their own faeces and fatigued with the heat in the box…. they are responding and will be ok with some tlc….!”


After seeking suggestion from the community, the shelter named Mama cat Pandora.  Her kittens, all  boys were named Lewis, Jenson and Alonso. Thekittens had a vet check on July 2, and were pronounced fine.  Pandora was described as being attentive, and the kitties as lively and playful.

By July 17, just a day or two after being made available for adoption after they were weaned, all of Pandora’s kittens had found good new homes. Mrs. Murray’s planned to keep Pandora a bit longer and get her spayed before her rehoming.

Beautiful Pandora, still at the shelter, Saturday, July 21, 2012


Video uploaded by the Evening Express, which ran it in their online edition a few days after Pandora and her kittens were found.


The shelter maintains an active Mrs Murray’s Home for Stray Dogs and Cats Facebook page, where friends and fans have followed Pandora and her babies’ progress.


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  1. Please, please let there be a special place in hell for people who are cruel to animals. Pandora is beautiful and her babies sp precious!

  2. Anyone who would do this has several screws loose! Why not just knock on the door and give them to the people there? May GOD bless those who have given the momma and babies a chance at a long life and take care of animals with no homes!

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