Madison Grace: Lost and Traveling On Her Own, Then Found and Going Home

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Madison Grace was lost for 6 weeks after escaping from the car during a move that took her family from Hawaii, to Michigan, and then Tennessee. A Humane Society volunteer found her in Ohio and, thanks to a microchip, she will rejoin her family soon.

Madison Grace and her military family set out on a big move from Hawaii to Tennessee about six weeks ago. The two and a half year old tabby escaped from the car at a Michigan rest stop, where her Dad  looked and waited for six hours before having to move on.

This Tuesday, a Humane Society of Greater Dayton volunteer found her and took her to the shelter, where a microchip scan identified her. Her grateful family will pick her up very soon. The following video news report says that Saturday will be the big day. The Humane Society says that Madison Grace’s family thought they’d never see her again, and were super excited to get the call saying she’d been found.

No one involved knows how Madison Grace made her way from Michigan to Ohio. She had lost weight was was frightened, suggesting that she was  on her own for the time she was missing.

Once again, the microchip made all the difference when a family pet was lost.

Well traveled cat ends up in Ohio:

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  1. Hi SpayFlorida.
    We keep sharing stories like this to highlight the good results that come from microchipping, and to credit the efforts of organizations and individuals who help to save and improve animals’ lives. 😉

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