Lumpy Helps Other Cats With Advice

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lumpy 2
Lumpy hard at work (Photo: Leah Reich)

Where do cats go when they need advice?  Sure, as humans we have all different kinds of opportunities to reach out to other people in person or via media, but cats are not as fortunate.  Until now.

Lumpy Reich has decided to follow in the paw steps of his friend and housemate, Leah Reich.  Leah has the distinction of being one of the first advice columnists on the internet sharing insight to gamers for two and a half years.  Lumpy has been so inspired, he has chosen to do likewise.

With thoughtful advice, Lumpy helps his fellow felines with all sorts of situations.  Take this response shared in The Verge, for example:

Dear Lumpy,

I am a young, hungry feline, hoping to up my social media presence. What’s the best way for me to improve my social media profile?


Cashless Catte

Lumpy’s response? A picture of himself sticking out his tongue.  Not quite sure what that means as a response, though.  Could it be that Lumpy is giving him the raspberry as he is not interested in having any more social media competition? Or showing that precocious pictures is a way to garner even greater instances.

lumpy 3
Lumpy offers sage advice (Photo: Leah Reich)

Not being cats, of course, it is hard to tell if this is code for something feline or not.  Either way, Lumpy is working on his own social media and already there are RSS feeds and Instagram followers eagerly waiting to hang on his every word.  My best guess is that he is giving them all the raspberry.

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  1. Dear lumpy I’m a fan ever since I read your article this morning.
    Meow meow meow meow.

    With love, Pumpkin

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