Lulabelle: Slowly Learning to Trust Again

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DLulabelle is a beautiful, plump orange tabby cat that seems like she should be confident and behave like a queen, with her regal appearance. However, she did not receive anything close to queenly treatment from her former owners.

Lulabelle was brought to Feline Friends, a no-kill cat sanctuary in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, after having lived far too long in a very abusive home. Her previous owners would use her as “bait” for two large dogs and get entertainment out of the two dogs terrorizing her. In addition, the teenage sons in the home would literally toss her around like a football and force her to eat leftover dog food.

It is no surprise that Lula is still quite nervous around people. She has the most gentle, soulful eyes that still convey a pain and fear that she will forever labor to overcome. Though her sad story angers and frustrates everyone at Feline Friends, they are proud that this brave and special cat has made so much progress.

Lulabelle now tolerates being petted for short periods of time, although she still often pulls her head back and twitches when touched. She loves all kinds of crunchy cat treats and loves canned cat food with gravy, which she gets whenever she wishes. She has even grown comfortable enough that she will play with string toys, though she generally continues to be a very solitary cat.

Because of her background, Lulabelle is a permanent resident at Feline Friends, where she can receive all the love that she should have had all of her life.  She is usually found napping on an armchair, just like the queen she was meant to be!

Lulabelle is only one example of the many cats that Feline Friends rescue and commit to each day.


Feline Friends is a 501(c)3 charitable organization in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, dedicated to cats, pure and simple. They do not euthanize or discriminate against any cats based on gender, age, color, race, disability or creed.

They rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out those cats deemed “adoptable.” Those who are not “adoptable” remain in a safe, healthy, loving and low-stress environment for the remainder of their lives.


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