Luigi: Home at Last!

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Danielle Gricci and Luigi

After a dramatic journey filled with difficulties, dangers and joys, a cat named Luigi has finally reached his forever home. Luigi was pulled from death row, lost during transport and missing for two months, then triumphantly found.  Last night, he finally reached his forever home.

Luigi was pulled from Death Row and was on his way to a new and better life when he escaped his carrier during transport, panicked and got lost.  After more than two months, Luigi was safely found.

On Tuesday, February 12th, Luigi was pulled from Death Row at Harnett County Animal Control in Lillington, North Carolina with two kittens, thanks to the generosity of a rescue in Massachusetts. After staying three more days in North Carolina with his temporary foster mom, transport was arranged so that the trio could make the long trip to their rescuers.

Luigi went missing during an Imagine Home transport when a transporter opened his carrier to change his blanket while she had the car door open. Luigi became frightened and ran off in Petersburg, Virginia on February 16.  An online search effort to find him was centered at the Help Find Luigi Facebook page.

Park rangers at Pamplin Park in Petersburg kept an eye out for Luigi and finally spotted him last month. The on-the-ground team who’d been searching for Luigi set a trap, and he was captured on April 26. 

We covered Luigi’s story in two earlier posts, Help Find Luigi and Luigi, Cat Gone Missing During Transport, is Found!

Luigi remained in foster care making a recovery from his two months long ordeal until yesterday, when he made the final leg of his long journey from death row to a loving home.

Massachusetts resident Danielle Gricci, who was instrumental in saving Luigi’s life, decided to give him a home and make sure he always remains safe. Luigi left Richmond Virginia in a transport also taking some kittens who were headed to Maine. He met up with his new petparents last night and has begun to settle in to his new home.

Luigi has a Facebook page, Luigi Kitty Meow, where his homecoming has been celebrated and where his progress in making a new life with his new family will be shared.  Luigi started his furst full day in his new home isolated in a bathroom and not very happy about it.  He will be introduced to the household’s other pets in the coming days.

The photos below, from the Homeless Animal Lifeline, Help Find Luigi, and Luigi Kitty Meow Facebook pages chronicle Luigi’s journey from foster care to his forever home. Luigi made it home on Mother’s Day.

There are more photos and updates, and a couple of videos with Luigi, at the Luigi Kitty Meow page.


Luigi’s missing cat poster.



The transporter doing the first leg of the journey got out the duct tape to make sure that no one would open Luigi’s carrier, and there would be no chance for him to escape.


Luigi with Danielle, Sunday night.


Home at last.


Eating on Sunday, making himself right at home.


“So, yesterday I road in a car from morning to night, then this lady called Mom brought me in her house! She fed me!!! And she even cried, though she said they were happy tears. She slept on the couch and locked all the other animals in her bedroom… So that I could explore. Now it’s morning and I’m stuck in a bathroom and I’m not happy about it! Yes I’m meowing and she still isn’t letting me out, can you believe that?!”
Monday, May 13 update from Luigi Kitty Meow

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